Essential Oil Benefits

The History of Essential Oils

It is a common misconception that essential oils are a new fad. In truth, the earliest known use of essential oils was 5000 years ago! Throughout history, essential oils have been used to support the physical, emotional and spiritual health of cultures all over the world. Native tribes were very connected to nature and used plants and essential oils to maintain their health. It has only been in more recent history that natural remedies have taken a back seat as the focus turned to modern medicine.


Where do Essential Oils come from?

Where do oils come from

Simply put, essential oils are the resultant liquid that is left over after plant material has been distilled (cooked). Essential oils are extracted from different parts of different plants. For example, they may come from the flowers, the leaves, the resin, the roots, the rind etc. When distilled correctly, the essential oil contains all of the goodness that the plant has to offer.

Plant Intelligence

Plants have a very sophisticated way of staying alive and healthy in their natural environment. In the environment, they are under constant attack from micro-organisms, bacteria, fungi, parasites, insects etc. They possess a complex chemical makeup and are able to change their chemical makeup to ward off these attacks, thereby giving them a very healthy “immune” system. It is this unique intelligence that is captured in the essential oil when plants are grown, harvested and distilled in the correct manner.

How oils support our health 1

How Essential Oils can support Our Health and our Pet’s Health

How oils support our health 2
  • Essential oils are so much more than just a nice smelling liquid. They contain all of the goodness from the plant and its complex chemical makeup. Essential oils work in synergy with our body and our pet’s body, as opposed to synthetic items which the body needs to work harder to process.
  • They are very easily absorbed through our skin, where they pass through the dermal layers and into the bloodstream – even reaching the cellular level.
  • Even though our pets have fur coats, the design of their hair follicle actually aids absorption of the essential oil, making it a fast and effective way to support their health.
  • The aroma of an essential oil contains hundreds of microscopic molecules that, when inhaled, can travel through the nasal cavity, into the lungs and into the bloodstream of our bodies and our pets’ bodies.
  • Essential oils are highly effective at supporting the emotional health of people and pets. Emotional memories and trauma are stored in the limbic (sub-conscious) area of the brain. The only one of the senses that can access the limbic area is the sense of smell.
  • There are a variety of essential oils that can be added to food or drinks which can therefore provide internal support to our health and our pet’s health.

The Differences in Quality

There is a growing movement of people looking for natural ways, such as essential oils, to support their health and their pet’s health. Sadly as this industry grows, there are companies that want to increase their profits at the expense of the quality of the essential oil product. In addition to this, labeling laws allow a bottle of essential oil to be labeled 100% pure, but still contain a percentage of additives, often synthetic. It is these practices that can cause harm to you and your pets.

Young Living Essential Oils

Young Living Essential Oils 1

I have been using the Young Living brand of essential oils and products on myself, my pets and my daughter for over 20 years. In that time I have witnessed countless miracles. When you learn about the company and the lengths they go to for purity with their oils, you will understand why they are the highest quality oils available, and completely safe for all members of the family – 2 and 4-legged!

  • Young Living was started by a man called Gary Young over 25 years ago
  • Gary Young studied with world renown growers, harvesters and distillers across the world
  • Young Living own most of their own farms, situated all over the world, thereby ensuring quality control
  • Young Living also have partner farms, where the farmers grow exclusively for Young Living
  • Young Living essential oils are classed as “above organic” – they are produced using organic practices, and so much more
  • When purchasing farm land, Young Living will often study records of that land dating back 70 – 80 years to ensure no contaminants are present
  • Extensive research is conducted on plants to identify which species within that plant family is best suited to the human body and animal body
  • Only the most healthy, vibrant seeds are planted
  • No chemicals are used for weed or parasite control – instead the farms are either hand-weeded, or companion planting is used, or a natural essential oil spray is used
  • The plants are only watered with spring water as town water contains chemicals
  • Only people who love plants are allowed to work on the farms as negative energy can transfer to the plant
  • Extensive research is conducted as to when each individual species of plant is best harvested – some plants produce the best oil at a certain outside temperature, some plants produce the best oil when harvested at a certain time of the day or some plants produce the best oil at a certain stage of the lunar cycle
Young Living essential oils 3
  • During distillation, Young Living uses low pressure and low temperature so as to maintain the delicate compounds of the plant. Other companies in order to save time (and money) will distill with high pressure and high temperature. This kills off all of the goodness and you are just left with an aroma.
  • Young Living researches each species of plant and how long they need to be distilled for in order to capture the whole plant
  • The plant material and subsequent oil does not come into contact with any plastics as plastics can leach chemicals – only glass and stainless steel is used
  • Young Living doesn’t just test random batches of oil, they test every batch of oil. Each batch is run through 15 different tests! These tests ensure quality and purity. And every batch is run through these 15 tests, six times!! If any impurity is detected, it is not sold to you. This is their “Seed to Seal ™” guarantee.
  • Young Living also produces blends of oils, including powerful blends to support emotional health. These oils are scientifically blended at a high frequency or vibration, thereby possessing the ability to raise the body’s vibration.
  • Not only does Young Living produce essential oils, their range is constantly expanding and now includes chemical-free cleaning products, personal care items, supplements, kid’s products and animal products! Why not visit the “How to Order” page and experience them for yourself!